5D4N Big Mulu Headhunters Trail

5D4N Big Mulu Headhunters Trail

5D4N Big Mulu Headhunters Trail
  • 5 days
  • People: 2
  • Mulu

One of the best trek in Borneo!

When head-hunting was at its height, a hundred years ago, Kayan war parties from the Baram made their way through the Mulu area to attack the Murut longhouse and Chinese farmers along the Limbang River. Paddling their war canoes up the Melinau River to the Melinau Gorge, they dragged them 3km overland to the headwaters of the Terikan River. The "Kayan Road" a 4 m wide trail with poles laid acrossit to facilitate dragging the boats.

Today we called it "Headhunters' Trail".


Below is a animated Map of Gunung Mulu National Park Route

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See the Mulu National Park Trail Map here



The Borneo Headhunters that you can meet on this journey is something that you must not miss. Journey through the headhunter's trail and learn more about the Sarawak culture here in Mulu. Only in Borneo Malaysia, you can have this experience of a lifetime with the trails and also staying at their longhouse.



What do you need to take?


  • Insect repellent
  • Personal Medications
  • Toiletries
  • Spare batteries
  • Bedding (light blanket, sheet & towel)
  • Pillow (inflatable) - optional
  • Enough food for 3 days (supplies can be bought from the Cafe/Gallery at HQ providing stock last)
  • Mosquito net (MUST be paid for at the Park Office upon check in and to be collected at Camp 5 with a voucher)
  • Sandals for bathroom - optional
  • Some cash (mini tuck shop)



  • A carry pack (waterproof is recommended) with 2 straps (a sling bag will be in the way and may obstruct your vision towards your feet.) You need both hand free at all times.
  • Shoes with grip and flexible sole that allows your ankle to move (stiff soled mountain boots are not ideal). The Adidas kampong rubber shoes have been proven to be the best shoe for a wide spectrum of climbers. For sale in Mulu Gallery*
  • Sufficient water – 3 LITRES MINIMUM (1 is left at the halfway point for you to use on the return journey)
  • Light lunch and an energy snack.
  • Headlamp in case you get caught in the dark.
  • A rainproof garment, preferably not a poncho (the incline is so steep that shorter individuals step on their poncho’s) if you do use a poncho, cut/trim the lower part.
  • A personal First Aid Kit
  • Gloves to help you cope with the rope sections as well as the sharp rocks on the way down. For sale in Mulu Gallery*
  • COMMON SENSE: Listen to your guide (abandon the climb when heavy rain falls and don’t get caught in the dark), listen to your body, stick to the cut-off times and focus on your foot placement ALWAYS. Keep re-hydrated. Do not stand too long at the view point – going down is tougher than going up!

   *Pending availability






  1. The steep gradient - 2.4km ascending to 1200m above sea level. (Descending is more challenging than ascending and takes longer!)
  2. Descending in the dark. (Very challenging during daylight – more so when dark)
  3. Slippery surface & sharp rocks. (Some of the limestones literally cuts like a blade!)
  4. Tiredness/unfit (you lose concentration where to place your feet)
  5. Very difficult to rescue a totally immobilized person (even more so when dark)
  6. Dehydration (drink & carry sufficient fluids)
  7. Never climb alone.
  8. RESCUES: The Park has rescue protocols in place but it is not free. Please check the indemnity form!
  9. Please keep this in mind and adhere to your GUIDE’S advice. Your guide is your best safety device!

Day 01:  Mulu – Deer & Langs Caves (Dinner)
Arrive Mulu airport, meet your guide and transfer to Park HQ for a visit to Deer and Lang’s Cave. We trek along the plant walk (3 km) through the rainforest. Explore the largest cave passage in the world- DEER CAVE and LANG’S CAVE. Relax at the open air observatory for an opportunity witness the phenomenon exodus of BATS out of the caves, spiraling high overhead and ascend to the sky where they will search for food. We then returned to the Park and transfer to your selective accommodation for dinner and overnight. . 

Day 02:  Mulu – Wind & Clearwater Caves / Camp 5 (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 
Breakfast. Take a morning long tail boat ride to visit Batu Bungan Penan Settlement where you are able to purchase the local handicraft made by the Penan tribe Go by boat to the CAVE OF THE WINDS with is tall, slender stalagmites, then on to the source of the CLEARWATER RIVER, see the underground river and visit the dry passage of the LADY’S CAVE. Swim at the Clearwater Spring. After picnic lunch at the Clearwater Pavilion, continue your journey by long tail boat to Kuala Berar or Long Litut. The 8km trek is through beautiful rainforest and along the Litut River to Melinau Camp (Camp 5) where we stay overnight. 

Day 03:  Mulu – Camp 5 / Gunung Api – Pinnacles / Camp 5 (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Early breakfast. Begin the 2.4km steep trek to the Pinnacles viewpoint at 1750 m. Along this trail are many orchids, pitcher plants and tiny Tree Shrews foraging for food. The pinnacles of Mulu National Park are a collection of 45 meter high, limestone needles that cling to the side of Gunung Api (Volcano). The hike to the viewpoint overlooking the pinnacles is a tough and challenging mountain climb. However, trekkers are rewarded with a spectacular view of a silver-grey forest of stone, poking up through the surrounding jungle. Return to Camp 5 for a refreshing swim and another overnight stay. 

Day 04:  Mulu – Camp 5 / Headhunter’s Trial / Iban Longhouse (Breakfast, Packed Lunch, Dinner)
0730 hrs, breakfast. Walk through lowland forest. The Headhunters’ Trail to Terikan River, then boat down the Terikan River and Medalam Rivers to Bala Lasong Longhouse. When head-hunting was as its height, a hundred years ago, Kayan war parties from the Baram River made their way through the Mulu area to attack Murut longhouse and Chinese farmers along the Limbang River Paddling their war canoes up the Melinau River to the Melinau Gorge, they dragged them 3 km overland to the headwaters of the Terikan River, a tributary of the Limbang. The “Kayan Road” – a 4m wide trail with poles laid across it to facilitate dragging the boats has disappeared without trace, but you can still see the canal thy dug around Batu Rikan, where the Terikan River goes through a cave the hill. Overnight at the Iban Longhouse.

Day 05:  Iban Longhouse / Limbang Airport (Breakfast) 
After breakfast at the longhouse, overland transfer to Limbang Airport or your departure flight. 


Includes: ONE WAY Air ticket from Miri /Kuching/ Kota Kinabalu to Mulu, l night hotel in Mulu & 2 nights at Camp 5, l night stay at lban Longhouse, meals as stated, entry permit & fees, excursion Show Caves of Mulu & Pinnacles Climb, Headhunters Trail Trekking, Nature Guide. 

Excludes: Flight from Limbang, Tourism Tax, Tipping of RM 50 pp, traveling insurance and items not included.

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