Bako National Park Day Trip

Bako National Park Day Trip

Bako National Park Day Trip
  • 1 day
  • People: 2
  • Kuching

Come Explore Bako National Park In Kuching Sarawak.

See upclose the proboscis monkey, macaques and wild boar 

 Proboscis Monkey


Wild snake


wild boar

Bako National Park


Pitcher plant


Bako National Park is one of the oldest national park in Sarawak. Enjoy the nature and the natural wildlife in the park with this trip. See the proboscis monkey, an animal icon for Borneo, and also trek the tropical rainforest in the park. Visit Bako National Park and have a fun day with trekking, boat rides and also animal sightings. Visitors will also be able to see the Bako fishing village where the boat departs from the Bako jetty.


There are many trails and island in Bako National Park. Read on below:


PULAU LAKEI ( Lakei Island)

Pulau Lakei is located at the North East side of Bako National Park. From Bako National Park, you will need to take a short journey of 30 minutes ride to reach the island. Upon arriving, you will be welcomed by white gold sand beneath your feet. Bako National Park has built a small guard house in the island. If you wish to visit the island, you will need to make prior arrangements with your agent.

You will find intriguing rock paintings a short walk from the beach.

This small island has a superb white sand beach. The National Parks department has a small guard house located on the island. Trips to the island can be arranged with your boatman. There are some mysterious rock paintings just a short walk from the beach.

This island is also known as Pulau Tok Rahman ( Malay ) or Pulau tok ahim ( Chinese ). Legend has it that around 300 years ago, there was a local man called Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman. He was believed to be a royal descendent from the Sambas tribe from the Middle Kingdom ( Kesultanan di Tengah) . His father was Abdullah Muhammad Al Hafiz, whilst his mother was an Arab. He had a sibling called Muhammad Daud living in Simunjan Village which was actually quite far from Bako itself.

Legend has it that he felt that he was called to worship God (For muslim is Allah) and so he retreated to Pulau Lakei so that he could live in isolation and seclusion. He drew his strength and survival on fresh water, land and sea produce only.  He was blessed with God Given strength and he had left a series of inscriptions by using his fingers to carve writings into the rock by the beach at Pulau Lakei.



Embark on a thrilling ascent through cliff vegetation on this short 30-minuteS hike. Enjoy stunning views of Telok Assam and the South China Sea, ideal for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. Keep your ears open for the sounds of Proboscis monkeys as they go about searching for food, adding excitement to your morning exploration.



Discover one of Bako National Park's prime proboscis monkey viewing spots on the Telok Paku trail. Venture through a cliff forest to uncover a hidden gem: a secluded beach perfect for relaxation. Capture unforgettable moments in this picturesque setting during early mornings or late afternoons when it is easier to spot the proboscis monkeys.



Prepare for an exhilarating adventure on the Ulu Assam trail, known for its steep climbs and breathtaking coastal views. Hold onto tree roots as you ascend to the summit, where panoramic vistas of Bako's coastline awaits you. Traverse through a swamp forest and a flat section, with the chance to spot proboscis monkeys along the way.



Embark on an exciting adventure just 45 minutes from Bako park HQ along the Telok Delima trail, renowned for prime proboscis monkey sightings. Stay alert for unique grunting sounds and rustling vegetation, signaling the presence of these fascinating creatures. With luck on your side, you might encounter a harem of proboscis monkeys, adding to the thrill of your journey.


Experience the majesty of the Bako rainforest giants on the Serait trail, a secluded path that takes approximately one and a half hours to traverse. Journey to the park boundary while immersing yourself in lush surroundings. Although less frequented, this trail offers a serene escape into nature's embrace.


This is one of Bako's most popular trails, Telok Pandan Kecil & Telok Pandan Besar, offering a picturesque ascent through lush hills and carnivorous pitcher plant-lined paths along the way. Be awed by the stunning view of Telok Assam from a cliff top point before descending to one of the park's finest beaches. The TELOK PANDAN BESAR trail ends with panoramic view from a cliff top overlooking the white sandy beach below.


Going on LINTANG TRAIL allows you to see all the vegetation ever grow in Bako National Park. The area between ULU ASSAM and SERAIT is where you will meet some proboscis monkeys amid varied landscapes.  Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Bukit Tambi viewpoint but it is a short detour from the main route.


Navigate through scrub and padang vegetation on the Tajor Trail, culminating in a steep descent to a serene beach and the refreshing Tajor Waterfall. From Bako  Park HQ, the trail of about 2.5 hours will take you to a small Tajor waterfall and a small dip pool surrounded by beautiful jungle setting.

The route Ventures off the Tajor trail. You can explore the rocky Rhu peninsula along the Tanjung Rhu route. Marvel at wave-cut platforms and rock pools, immersing yourself in the rugged coastal beauty. If you start from Bako park HQ or the Tajor junction, you will take about 2.5 hours to reach this magical destination.


The whole trail connects the Lintang Trail right to the Bukit Gondol walk. The trail is deep in the park and goes through the forest scrub, digging into the Padang vegetation and meeting the swamp forest. Right from the Lintang junction, you can reach the Bukit Gondol base in just one and a half hours.


When you reach Bukit Gondol's top, you enjoy the highest part of Bako. Along this loop trail, you can take in gorgeous Pulau Lakei and Muara Tebas sceneries. It is right from the top of the mountaintop, where you can enjoy the beauty of the local Bako National Park.


There is a nice trail for you to venture, a nice shortcut for people wishing to bypass the trail to Bukit Gondol. Despite being a short trail, you get a glimpse of freshwater swamp forests and other Jelutong species well known for manufacturing pencils. This is a hotspot for brief visits to Bako.


Go through the Bukit Keruing trail that connects Bukit Gondol with Tajor, an extensive rainforest on the way. The whole route goes through Bukit Keruing's slopes, the highest mountain in Bako National Park. It is about a 1.5-hour drive from Paya Jelutong and to Tajor Waterfall. You get to enjoy the lovely greenery of a beautiful tropical heaven.


If you enjoy a trail adventure, there is an excellent trek from Telok Sibur Trail to Bako National Park. Once you depart from the park headquarters, it takes a 3.5-hour hike to reach the trail's end. After that, you go through Tajor Trail and will finally reach the waterfall. Follow the main trail for less than an hour until you finally reach a junction. When you reach the intersection, you get to start the Sibur trail. Go down the steep slopes carefully, and you will come to the longest beach in Bako. 


There is a lovely trail, a somewhat challenging route that takes about six to seven hours from the park headquarters, which ends up in Telok Limau. Thus, there are a lot of diverse landscapes. The place is filled with swamps and swamps along the way. Enjoy lovely panoramic views before camping at Telok Limau for an overnight stay or a new boat pickup.

You can enjoy a nice trail from a side trek to Telok Limau. Start with a nice climb through the forest before ending up in a scrub vegetation. Follow side trails branching out to scenic lookout points and rock pools. Go down the steep slopes to a mangrove forest, making the whole ecosystem unique. You will end up on a deserted beach, a lovely retreat in the Bako National Park.


In the morning at 8.30am, depart from your hotel to indulge in a full day trip to Bako National Park (Kuching).

After the drive, you will take a 25 minute boat ride from Bako Fishing Village Jetty and you can enjoy the trip. Later, when you trek you will be able to sight proboscis monkeys, bearded pigs, monitor lizards, silver leaf monkeys and over 100 species of birds. Sarawak’s rainforest ranges from cliff to beach vegetation's to mangrove swamp forests and Kerangas (Health forest). Pitcher plants and wild orchids are among some of the exotic flowers you will be able to catch a glimpse of. You can also take some good photos of the flora and fauna.

Lunch will then be served at a local restaurant around the area and after that, you will be given a choice whether to walk alone or with a guide to explore the scenic beauty of the Bako National Park Headquarters. After the tour, return to your hotel around 2.30pm.


Package includes: Pick up from Hotel,  transport, boat ride, boat fee, jetty fee, guide, entrance fee to Bako National Park, packed lunch.


Excludes: Personal items and guide tipping.


You may want to bring to Bako National Park:

Water, sunglasses, towel, insect repellent, rucksack, sun lotion, good trekking shoes, raincoat and hat.

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